Website for Surf Charter Company

We helped our client – Tropical Tube Lords create a brand new website for their company that specialises in Maldivian Surf Charters. We worked closely with their creative director to implement a truly unique yet effective website.


“Thanks Modular Marketing … Our new Tropical Tube Lords website is the saltiest site sailing the high sea’s!”
Jarro D, Tropical Tube Lords

Visually Unique

We worked closely with the creative director to create a website that felt like classic surf brand – large rounded fonts, bold colours and pictures of waves.

Works on Mobile

The website had to work well on mobile. The customer base will be looking at the website on a mix of devices, so true design responsiveness was vital.


Our client required the details of the trips they offered to be displayed in a clear, easy-to-digest format. We delivered on this.


We honed in on the extra details – showcasing the waves, the breaks and their features in an easy to navigate format.

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