Website for Mick Fanning Charity Golf Day

We worked with the team at Mick Fanning Charity Golf Day to design and develop a website for their annual fundraiser event. What a great cause.


“We knew what we wanted with the site, but weren’t quite sure about the best route to accomplish that goal. Dan was instrumental in us having a great merch platform and also integration with our auction part as well. Everything from go to whoa was a seamless experience with regular updates and explaining to us in a way that didn’t leave us feeling like kids, but could understand what he was sharing. Also, he turned this site around super quick for us, which was really huge for us. Can’t say enough good things about Modular Marketing, if you’re chasing a Shopfiy set up Dan and the team at Modular is a great place to start. ”

– Mick Fanning

E-Commerce Functionality

We used a lean and clean design to showcase the products. Let the products do the talking! The result is an easy to use and high converting store.

Showcase the Event

The event is a barrel of laughs so we wanted to convey that in the imagery and design. We wanted visitors to feel the need to get involved.

Sense of Urgency

With the event symbolising the end of the auctions, we created some hype throughout the site – counting down to the big day.


After extensive research and testing, we landed on a 3rd party auction solution – linking the items from the Shopify website to Gala Bid making it feel like an “all on one website”.

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