Website for Commercial Plasterer

We recently designed and built a new website for a large commercial plastering company based in South East Queensland. With a focus on showcasing projects, improving their “image” and providing easy access to important information for stakeholders.

Showcasing Services

It was vital that our client was able to clearly define and showcase their services. As a complex, large company, over the years many different interpretations had been published – so we helped establish this more clearly.

Improved Image

Using a selection of modern typography, colours and design techniques, we gave the brand a fresh, professional image. Having completed a lot of premium projects to a high standard, it was not too hard to perform this refresh.

Responsive Designs

We used a clean and lean design approach to ensure perfect translation across devices. With a lot of stakeholders using mobile to access important information, we needed to ensure the website was suited primarily for this device.

Showcasing the Work

Our client’s success is driven on the back of their portfolio of amazing work. We have used the website to showcase this work, without revealing many details. This provides a great reference point for internal and external use.

More Case Studies

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