Website and Advertising for Game

Our client came to us during the development stage of their new word game. We were asked to assist with the promotion of the mobile game through social media – focusing on particular geographic segments. We also developed a lean, responsive website for the game.


“MM have been assisting our start-up with a social media marketing campaign and website development and have done a terrific job. We are very happy with the work done to date. They have been super accommodating with our change requests and are a pleasure to work with.”
Suzanne, Arcadia Games

Graphic Design

We designed a set of visual asset templates to use across social media channels: Facebook and Instagram. From these templates, posts were created, edited, approved and then published. Most of the creative we designed was used in advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing was one of the key avenues selected to promote this new game. We used creative that represented the fun of the game – with a sense of urgency and value to achieve engagement.

Social Posts

We used a consistent format of posts to promote the game during its launch phase. We targeted several key geographic areas and particular demographics to get the best results.

Web Design

We make websites that are as lean and responsive as possible – especially when the target audience will be mostly mobile. This website simply portrays the theme of the game, the rules and pushes it home with a strong call to action: download now.

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