Marketing for Mining Brand

Mining Mayhem is a viral social media page for the world’s mining industry. It is the largest in the world with well over 800,000 followers. We were asked to help them with their growth strategy and marketing plan. We have implemented a brand identity, website and e-commerce site with great success. We have also assisted with product development and the promotion of these new products via social media marketing.


We have designed and built a high functioning e-commerce website for the brand – for handling a large volume of traffic and orders.

Product Design

We have helped create over 50 unique products – from T-shirt designs and logos through to headwear and novelty items.

Audience Growth

Audience growth has been key to success and we have been able to achieve this organically through social media.

Social Media Content

Curating interesting content and a delicate mix of promotional content has been the reason the brand has grown so rapidly.

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