Branding and Website for Toys

Our client is launching a new range of plush nightlight toys with a unique theme – bugs. We were asked to help with branding, photography, website and social media set-up. We were able to get these bright, fun toys online, ready to be launched.

Responsive Website

Using brilliant photography from our friends at Hotel Miami, we built a lean, effective website to showcase the new products. The website looks great on all devices, utilising a simple framework that focuses on imagery


We used short, punchy and cheerful language to describe the new toys. Each product comes with its own unique name and personality – something we needed to convey.


Fun kids toys require a bright colourful logo – in our opinion. We produced a logo that would detract attention from the main event – the Bed Bugz themselves.

Showcasing the Products

Once photography was done, editing and fine touching took place to make sure the images looked perfect. We also edited the regular high resolution images so they would glow – in lieu of photos taken at night.

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