Social Media Marketing for Headwear Brand

We have recently started providing our social media marketing services to a headwear brand that has just opened its doors in Australia. We have already achieved some excellent results since launching the campaign by establishing a growing audience and obtaining traffic to the e-commerce website.

Social Marketing Posts

We have developed a growing range of formats for social media posts to promote our client’s brand. A balanced mix of visual creative, catchy copywriting and a clear call to action results in the best engagement.

Social Advertising

We have identified key segments of the market to target through social media advertising. The creative we use to promote the brand to these segments are always customised to suit – rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

E-Commerce Posts

We have implemented a creative social media marketing strategy that feeds into our client’s e-commerce platform. Meaning they can measure results from our campaigns through visits and sales.

Facebook Pixel

We have integrated Facebook Pixel into our client’s website – meaning that all the traffic we generate from marketing can be used for re-targeting. This is a particularly effective tool for e-commerce businesses.

More Case Studies

Take a look at what we have done for our clients.

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